Panel Boards & Enclosures

Power Distribution Unit

Built for mission critical applications such as in data centres, Fuji SMBE’s Power Distribution Unit offers a new standard for providing reliable and high quality power to your critical assets. Fuji SMBE has a long established track record in delivering high quality power solutions to data centre clients and our Power Distribution Units (PDU’s) form part of the vital power infrastructure in mission critical facilities.

In these mission critical environments, it is essential that the critical load is provided with high integrity protection and a clean power supply. Fuji SMBE’s PDU’s ensure best in class quality and reliability for your critical systems.

By utilising advanced Branch Circuit Power Monitoring systems, data centre operators can now pro-actively monitor power consumption at individual final circuit level, allowing enhanced load planning across commercial data centres and advanced energy metering.


  • Type Tested and certified for short circuit withstand strengths and temperature rise limitations to IEC-61439 standards
  • Intelligent options available
  • Integrated static transfer switches available
  • Status, alarm and power monitoring features available over communication networks
  • 100% or 200% neutral busbar options
  • Fitted with k-rated isolating transformer for harmonics containment to ensure high power quality standards
  • Monitor Voltage, Current, Frequency & Kilowatt hours per circuit
  • Monitor phase loss per panel board
  • User definable set point alarms for over and under current per circuit


Local Motor Control Panels

Local Motor Control Panels offer power distribution using MCCB and MCB with unique design features of the enclosure to ensure high performance and design versatility for a wide variety of customisation options.

All metal housings are manufactured from heavy gauge galvanized steel sheets and finished with epoxy powder coating. This special coating process ensures an even distribution of coating over the metal surface and achieves durability for years. Fuji SMBE also supplies stainless steel grade 304 / 316 enclosures which are built in accordance with EN10083 for outdoor, highly corrosive, chemical and petrochemical process plants.


  1. Fire Services Panel
  2. AHU Panel
  3. Pump Panel
  4. PLC Panel


Final Distribution Boards

Our final distribution boards, also known as COSMOS, come in various standard sizes to cater to customers’ requirements.


  • Standardised distribution boards with space for 12 – 119 modules
  • Comes with a standard depth of 110mm or 120mm
  • Used for applications with rating below 100 Amperes
  • Applications include final sub-circuit and consumer unit


Sub Boards & Distribution Boards

Our sub boards and distribution boards have the versatility to be a wall mount or floor stand panel. Through the removal of the brackets and the addition of the base plate, these sub-boards and distribution boards can be transformed from a wall mount panel to a floor stand panel.

The various types of sub boards and distribution boards we offer include:

(i) Single Door/Double Door


  • Types: Single panel, Multi panel
  • Incoming/Outgoing from top/bottom
  • Front access
  • Weight: Approximately 150 – 200kg
  • Ampere rating: ≤ 400A
  • Splash proof (Only applicable to double door)
  • Tamper resistant (Only applicable to double door)


(ii) Weather-Proof


  • Types: Single panel, Multi panel
  • Incoming/Outgoing from bottom
  • Front access
  • Components behind internal door
  • Splash proof
  • Tamper resistant
  • Roof to shelter from rain