Over the years, Fuji SMBE was awarded several important certifications that distinguished the company from other competitors as a credible and reliable switchboard manufacturer from within the electrical and mechanical industry.

These certificates provide an assurance to the quality and reliability of the products and services that the company offers to all customers. They serve as a form of guarantee for the products’ consistency and function, and the highest satisfaction that all customers can enjoy.

Verification Test Certificates

Fuji SMBE’s switchboards have been verified according to the latest IEC standards (IEC 61439-1,-2)¬†by Testing and Certification Australia (TCA). The ASTA verification test certifications ensure that the switchboards demonstrate compliance with mandatory or client requirements and provide end-users with confidence in the safe operation of the switchboards. ASTA certificates are globally recognised certificates and are issued after completion of compliance verification tests at recognised independent testing laboratories that have been meticulously evaluated by Intertek. An ASTA certificate is the sole document that is verified and issued by an independent National Certification Body outside of the test centre. The certificate is an Intellectual Property (IP) by itself and stamped with a seal and bound to prevent counterfeit copies and to ascertain that the integrity of the verification is not compromised. Switchboards that were ASTA certified enjoy product and service differentiation from the rest of competition that was not certified for their safety and reliability. For more information, please access Technical Information under the Information Centre option.

ISO Certification

Fuji SMBE is an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified company. Both Fuji SMBE Technology Pte Ltd and Fuji SMBE Industries Pte Ltd have achieved the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications which govern a set of standardised requirements for quality management system and environmental management system respectively.   Some of the benefits include:
  • Improved customer focus
  • Stronger awareness within the company
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced image of the company
  • Better working conditions
  • Higher motivation among employees
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency in operation
  • Elimination of poor quality output which incurs cost
The ISO standard is based on eight quality management principles that are derived from the collective experience and knowledge of the international experts who contributed and participated in the ISO Technical Committee, which was also responsible for developing and maintaining the ISO 9000 standards. These principles have been used as a framework to guide the company towards improved performance.


bizSAFE is a programme which assists companies to build up their workplace safety and health (WSH) capabilities in order to achieve higher safety and health standards at the workplace. In the process, participating companies gain the benefits and recognition of having a comprehensive WSH system in place. Fuji SMBE believes in the importance and benefits of safety in workplaces. At present, Fuji SMBE Industries Pte Ltd is the only subsidiary that has achieved the bizSAFE STAR, the fifth and highest level of the certification. All the other subsidiaries under Fuji SMBE have achieved the BizSAFE Level 3 certification with successful implementation of Risk Management plans. For more information regarding bizSAFE, please visit the WSH Council web portal at https://www.wshc.sg

Friends of Water Certification

Fuji SMBE was awarded the “Friends of Water” certificate by the national water agency in recognition of our contributions towards water by making our premises water efficient under PUB’s Water Efficient Buildings programme. Friends of Water is an initiative by PUB to recognise organisations and individuals who have contributed towards raising awareness about water and what it takes to sustain this precious resource.

Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) Certification

Certified as a SGBC member, Fuji SMBE is recognised for its affiliation with the global green building movement and commitment to the Singapore Green Building journey. Fuji SMBE achieved the Green Mark product certification for Switchgear. Fuji SMBE LV switchgear has been awarded the Greeen Mark 2 out of 3 ticks for all our range of switchgear. The points are then used in the Green Mark Assessment section to help building owners to achieve additional value in acquiring the various tiers of the Green Building Award.

Human Capital Partnership (HCP) Certification

Fuji SMBE was recognised as a Human Capital Partner with Exemplary Human Capital Development Practices by the Tripartite Alliance of Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP), in association with the Ministry of Manpower, NTUC and SNEF for having progressive employment practices and developing its human capital. As a HCP Partner, Fuji SMBE aims to develop a stronger Singaporean core by investing in the development of local employees across all levels, achieve strong complementarity between local and foreign employees, and explore skills transfer from foreign to local employees to enhance capabilities. The Company is committed to the following:
  • Nurture young talent for their first job by helping them learn new skills
  • Train and develop mid career professionals, managers and executives
  • Provide upgrading and upskilling opportunities
  • Prepare middle management for new roles
  • Identify and develop potential candidates’ global exposure and leadership opportunities

Singapore Health Awards (SHA) Certification

Fuji SMBE Pte Ltd and Fuji SMBE Technology Pte Ltd were awarded Certificates of Recognition by the Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB) at the Singapore Health Awards, which celebrates the Company’s outstanding efforts to promote workplace health and employee well-being. Both companies met a stringent set of standards and criteria in order to be part of only 203 companies in Singapore to qualify for this award.