Our Capabilities

Research & Development

At Fuji SMBE, we place great emphasis and focus into Research & Development. into Research & Development. We have a dedicated team of experienced specialists to work at continuous improvement projects to seek out enhancements to both processes and products. Fuji SMBE also values safety, reliability and design flexibility to ensure that the best solutions are provided to address evolving industry needs. We further offer timely support to our customers to ensure that customer satisfaction is not compromised.

Supply Chain Management

Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing processes are flexible and able to respond to market changes, including mass customisation. We use advanced tools and machines to manufacture and assemble our switchboards to a great degree of precision. We pro-actively adopt the latest standards and changes to ensure a leaner and optimised manufacturing flow process to achieve shorter cycle times, hence improving responsiveness and efficiency in meeting customer demands.


With an integrated network that oversees the movement of products in and out of our factories, delays are drastically minimised and customers receive goods through the quickest and most efficient channels.


Through the years, we have forged a strong relationship with our suppliers and we have established a solid rapport and trust with them from both locally and in the region. Activities that are related to obtaining products and materials from external suppliers involve resource planning, supply sourcing, negotiation, order placement, inbound transportation, storage, handling, and quality assurance; many of which include the responsibility to coordinate with several stakeholders. We have a responsible and capable team who is able to ensure that your orders are correctly scheduled with a guarantee of total quality satisfaction.

Quality Management

Quality is a measure of excellence and at Fuji SMBE, quality is derived on the basis of 2 key practices:
  1. Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) Tested in the laboratory with the latest load testing equipment, we ensure that our switchgear is operationally safe and reliable before delivery to our clients.
  2. Quality Assurance As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we place great importance on quality assurance in our business processes.
To ensure that our products work as specified and able to meet the specifications, thorough testing of switchboards is performed. Our testing capabilities include performing a full load test of the switchboards up to 1000KW. For greater credibility in its execution of projects, Fuji SMBE has been certified with industrially acclaimed certifications and awards such as the ASTA certification that complies to IEC 61439, bizSAFE, ISO 9001:2008 and the Singapore Green Building Product certification.